“Steve’s work for Nilaihah Records has always been some of the best mastering I’ve heard, quick, reliable, and very professional. He goes above and beyond, which is hard to find.” — Kristy Venrick, Owner of Nilaihah Records

“Steve’s work on REDUX was clean and transparent. He made the entire process utterly painless and the end result is quite impressive. I fully intend on using Steve for all my future mastering jobs.”— D. Barnes, Dekoy

“Steve gave us prompt, very personable service. He worked with us, taking our suggestions and making them come alive. Don’t let his work with the Azoic fool you, either: Steve knows live instruments as well as he knows electronics. We’ll definitely be working with him again.” — Syn, D’hiver Mort

“Steve’s mastering was simply amazing. I can hear things popping out that were once hidden, and all of the tracks are at matching levels. He has a musician’s ear which gives him a unique perspective to know what the songs need. Plus, he knows how to give songs EARRF! (i.e. bass for club play) —Dave Strand, The Strand

Dekoy: Redux(Enhanced CD with CD-Text).

The Azoic: Forward, Conflict (Single) (Enhanced CD w/ video, CD-Text, and autorun Menu), Forward+Conflict (EP) (Enhanced CD w/ CD-Text).

NamNamBulu: Distances (Enhanced CD with video/CD-Text), Expansion (EP) (Enhanced CD with video/CD-Text).

Backlash: Impetus (Enhanced CD with CD-Text).

The Strand: In The Trench, Diatom, RMX01(Enhanced CD with CD-Text), RMX01 (Enhanced CD with CD-Text).

D’hiver Mort: Palindrome (Enhanced CD with CD-Text).

Distorted Reality: The Fine Line Between Love and Hate (Enhanced CD with CD-Text).

V/A – RESISTOR: (A dance compilation featuring The Strand, Bio-Tek, Inertia, HWF, Fiction8, Attrition, Magenta, This Ascension, Autumn, tMitG, Oneiroid Psychosis.)

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